Our mission is to make technology ubiquitous. It isn’t enough that everyone uses computers, because they aren’t being fully utilized. Even though it seems like there is a software product for every conceivable niche industry, the fact remains that every organization has its own unique processes and automatable tasks- there is a real need for customized software. However, right now that belongs to the few who can afford an in house development team or overpriced contractors.

We’re the not-so-overpriced contractors, and we aim to leave our clients with solutions they can maintain themselves. Additionally, we target clients in small business and not for profit sectors that frequently don’t believe that custom software is a realistic solution for them. We prove them wrong, because our focus isn’t on adding features or layering on an overcomplicated GUI in order to juice them for more billable hours. We just want to solve their problem.

Long term, we want everyone to be able to build their own custom software. That isn’t to say that software developers won’t be necessary. Authors are still valued, but almost everyone can write a sentence. To make this a reality, we’re taking tiny steps through the development of a series of math education games. Right now we’re working on the proof of concept, TriangleLand: An Adventure through Geometry. This strategy is two-fold. Not only will games furthering STEMS education lead to more technological literacy down the road, but also we’re primarily using interns, current STEMS students, to further development. Two generations being educated at once.